Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, Aunt Co Co! Happy Birthday to you!
We celebrated Colleen's Birthday on Easter Sunday too! 
Doug was in town so it was perfect.
We LOVE you, Colleen!

Colleen is a FABULOUS aunt - all the kids LOVE her!
One of my favorite Aunt Colleen/Connor stories is...
She tends to get quite "into" the Colts games and she is known to YELL loudly and hoot and holler.  Last year I had mom, dad and Colleen over to watch a game.  When the game was over and they all left.  Connor said to me.
"MOM! Colleen is SO loud...I wanted to Kick her ass!"
It seriously was hilarious.  Now I don't promote or condone ass kickin' talk from my four year old...but since I agreed with him, I let it go - HA!
     It turns out, all the green eggs had a bit of "green" inside them too!
Since green is Connor's FAVORITE color...I am guessing he went for all of them!
YES! He made a whopping $4.00! and Danny got a special egg with a note inside said - "Pizza night with Mom Mom and Pop Pop - you choose where!"
Are those the best eggs or what?  How come the Easter Bunny that goes to 
4613 Somerset is richer than the one on Babson Court?????  
I just don't get it!
OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Easter Egg Hunt at Mom Mom and Pop Pop's!
All five of the kids participated in the egg hunt and had lots of fun...these weren't just any eggs - these were special eggs - to be continued...

I caught Jacob on his own for a minute - but he didn't stray too far from Danny.  He was Danny's BEST helper!! It was precious.  He even re-planted the eggs he found for Danny to grab.  Thank you, Jacob...such a sweetie!!

Connor meant BUSINESS!!!!!!!

Even Nick enjoyed it :)

Allison with her cute new hairstyle - LOVE IT! She was not messin' around either :)

My little guy - after finding his eggs AND Jacob's eggs...
he was set :)

Friday, April 10, 2009


Connor~ for a VERY small portion of the ride home...
with his new best buddy!

And Danny Boy taking his SMALL snooze on the way home!
Boy ~ it's a LONG ride to Florida!!!
Our "FRIEND" by the pool - yuck!
This Iguana hung out at the pool sometimes - the boys thought it was SO cool.  Later that night - we were on a search to buy an iguana for Connor...
Aunt Co Co came thru! Thank You, Aunt Co Co!

It was cool - yet scary!

The new iguana came to dinner with us!

Another picture of Connor with "W-Big Chill"

Mom Mom really had Danny laughing during 
our dinner at Island Cow!

Island Cow
My Favorite!

I love Colleen 2x! Aunt Co Co ROCKS!


I LOVE my Mom 2x - She is THE BEST!!!!!!!

Best Buddies!

Wait - more shot :)

My Girls - we had a FANTASTIC time!
Thanks for all of your help :)
Our Big Sand Castle!

Working Hard! 
(Not TOO hard!)

Wait - this IS hard work!

TA DA!!!!!

Way to go, Con!

QT with CON!
A couple of the days, I took Connor to the hotel next door and we ate lunch together! Mom Mom took Danny up for a nap and it was nice to spend one on one time with Connor.  HE LOVED IT!! We did it once and he begged me to do it we did :)
I love you 2x, Connor!!

My little FISH!
We stayed at the pool this particular day until almost 7! And then we ordered pizza!
It was a very fun night!

In their NEW swimming trunks!

Good Job, Danny Boy!

OH - you are so "busy!"

uh oh! mini meltdown!

There is my happy Connor!!!
Another lovely breakfast out!
I can pretty much always count on my boys to eat all of their breakfast! Waffles for Con and Eggs for Danny...oh, and of course sausage!

Danny anticipating his eggs!

Connor is practicing his wink ;) for Aunt Co Co.

Hi Con!

YUM! Apple Juice!