Sunday, August 9, 2009

A little TOO much fun on the deck!
One of Danny's favorite things to do is play with the hose on the deck.  He has no problem just stripping down and letting loose.  He also has NO problem peeing off the deck, into the yard - I strongly discourage that - however, he has gotten away with it a few times.

My Biggest Guy!
Con finally took off on his two wheeler on July 5, 2009! We were over the top excited for him and all he wants to do is ride his bike - even if it's just for a spin around the court.  I will wasn't easy - helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and all.  Now...about a month later - he is a PRO!  Way to gom Con! Mommy and Daddy are VERY proud of you!!!

Connor played baseball for the Giants this year.  He had a wonderful season and 
won the "BABE RUTH ~ HUSTLE AWARD".  We were very proud of him.  
Danny liked to put on a "uniform" too, but he never even watched one minute of any game...he was always too busy playing and running around with Sam.  John and Olivia were on Con's team - all three of them were TOUGH!

Connor  ~   Olivia    ~   John

We had a fabulous team!!!

Con's biggest fan!