Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Surprise Mom Mom and Pop Pop!
We surprised Mom Mom and Pop Pop and picked them up from the airport after their NYC trip!  I was just going to get them b/c it was a 9:30 flight but since it was Mother's Day we put the boys' pj's on and made a mini fieldtrip out of it.  The boys made it fun - they loved the airport!
We missed Mom Mom and Pop Pop but we were glad they got a chance to get away! One of Mom's favorite places in the whole world is NYC and dad surprised her with a trip on her 60th birthday.  It happened to fall on Mother's Day weekend which was awesome for her...if anyone deserves a break from her kids...SHE DOES!!!!!!

Connor and Danny were fascinated with the big planes!

We were hiding from the arriving passengers from NYC - shhhhhhhh!

Silly booty shot - they BOTH had the same dorky idea - oh man!

Fun in the Sun!
     Here are a few of my favorite photos of the boys playing outside this spring...the boys want to go out the minute they wake up and they want to stay out until it's dark! 

Mommy's BEST helper!
Believe it or not, Danny actually was my best helper when it came to the mulch - he must have made 20 trips back and forth filling up his tractor with mulch! Thank you Danny...I had lots of fun doing yard work with you :)
I love you!

Mother's Day Tea
I had a lovely time at the Mother's Day Tea in Connor's classroom.
There was entertainment, refreshments and beautiful pieces of art made by the children.  The teachers  also helped them fill out 
an ALL ABOUT MY MOM worksheet
~ Connor's Answers ~
My mommy is - 2o years old
Her hair  - is blond 
 Her eyes  - are brown
Her favorite color is - pink/blue
Her favorite food is - healthy food - lettuce - sloppy joe's
Her favorite thing to do is - to go here and say "hi!"
She looks the prettiest when - she goes to a wedding
I love my mommy because - she is my mommy!

Thank you, Connor - I enjoyed the Tea Party very much and I love you 2X!

What an awesome piece of Art!

My Big guy!

and his best buddies!

Friday, May 8, 2009

May 6, 2009
Connor's 5th Birthday!!!

My big Five year old -I can't believe it!

We started off the day with cinnamon rolls - Danny and I sang Happy Birthday to Connor!

"They say it's your Birthday...It's my Birthday too, yeah!!"

I made cupcakes (with his favorite color icing...green, of course!) for Connor's Class.  Tig was able to pop in to school to sing Happy Birthday to Connor and surprise him:)

We went to pinheads after school for bowling and pizza.  Connor brought his friend, Andrew, from his class.  Aunt Co Co stopped by too :) It was LOTS of fun!!!

After his BIG, BIG day...Connor begged me to stay up "just a little bit later" I of course said,  "OK!"  to the birthday boy and not more than 10 minutes later...found him fast asleep in the bonus room.  Daddy is on the couch right next to him...PLAYING Wii!
Sweet Dreams, My Big Boy!
p.s. He also got to have a special lunch before school with Mom Mom O, Pop Pop O and Allison (the birthday girl!) at McDonald's...it was a jammed packed FUN day!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A few more party shots!

Pop Pop H got Connor a Wii!!! He's a LUCKY little boy!

The oldest and the youngest!  My nephews are SUCH HUGE HELPS and love them so much!

Picnic style dinner!!!

Danny LOVES LOVES LOVES dip ~ he is the only one that is allowed to double dip ~ I pretty much still think everything he does is ADORABLE! (almost everything!)

MY BEAUTIFUL BOY - WOW... you are getting so big ~ SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!

Con wanted green sprinkles on his cupcakes - green is his very favorite color!

Danny Boy took this opportunity to climb up Aunt Colleen's back and get on her shoulders to watch Connor open his presents!  Great seat, Danny Boy - good thinkin'.  And Aunt Co Co was EATING IT UP!!

We LOVE Princess Alli!!!

Lookin' GOOD, Mom Mom and Pop Pop O'

I love this pic, girls!!!
BEN TEN Birthday Party!
Connor wanted a Ben Ten themed Birthday Party.  I think I pulled it off b/c he was very please and after the party...he wants to transfer all the decor to his room (a later blog :))
The things hanging from the ceiling are called omitrixes (sp) - Ben Ten's sign...I solicited the help of my class for this project...they were very, very eager to help! 

I THINK you got it all, Danny Boy!
yummy in your tummy!

Brithday Party Prep!
The boys were my best helpers getting ready for Connor's 5th Birthday party.  Thanks, guys!

Connor wants Danny to sleep in his bed with him so, so badly!
And I believe that Danny truly wants to...until he tries.  He'll stay for about 5 or 10 minutes ~ but Danny always ends up in my room..."I go my bed now, Mommy"  It breaks Connor's heart every time.   
(They do always watch a bedtime show together.)

One of the boys' favorite thing to do is cruise around the court!  Connor got the "Stang" for his third birthday.  The tractor was given to us by our neighbor...we just had to buy a new battery for it and now  it belongs to Danny.  The boys LOVE driving around - it really is fun to watch and living on a court makes it ideal!