Friday, October 31, 2008


Connor and Danny decorated their pumpkins with shiny pumpkin stickers!
I got Connor to laugh..."Thanks for playing, Con...would you like to poop again?"

Danny loved putting the stickers on.  Each time he wanted to peel one off the sheet, he'd say, "Help me mom! ppuuwweease!"

I LOVE Danny's hair  - it's Halloween...right?
Pumpkin Carving with AUNT COLLEEN!
(and Brett too :))

Uhhh...please take that sharp tool away from my lunatic son!

Say cheese, Danny Boy!

I think Aunt Colleen is having the MOST fun!

Aunt Colleen and her roommate Brett decided they wanted to carve pumpkins this year with Connor and Danny...which worked out perfectly for us! We had lots of fun.  They brought a high tech tool and the boys loved it.  Connor was a tad apprehensive about putting his hands in the goo...Danny didn't seem to mind.  I think the adults ended up doing most of the work, but Connor and Danny enjoyed it!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Connor played flag football through the YMCA this fall and it was the most fun!  We all agreed it was much more exciting than t-ball.  Connor played for the Jets and he was a pretty good little player.  He scored a number of touchdowns and enjoyed "tackling" even when the play was over!!!  Danny had fun playing during the games and Tig and I looked forward to every game!  Connor had lots of fans - Mom Mom O, Pop Pop O, Aunt Janet, Aunt Colleen, Doug, Jacob and Alli... to name a few.  Pop Pop O came to the most - surprise, surprise - Pop Pop O at a sporting event!

This was the last game of the season and boy was it cold - brrrrrr! Connor is wearing Daddy's hat!  He is also wearing long john underwear, a t-shirt, sweatshirt, warm pants and his jersey!

This was trophy day - always a BIG day!

 Danny is enjoying the game from the sand pit.  Danny wore his green Power Ranger outfit to half of the games...people were used to him showing up in it - it was so funny!

Here is Danny taking a break for a little snack...he ALWAYS has time for junk food!

This is one of the first games - I love this action shot! GO CONNOR!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Mom Mom likes to come to the pumpkin patch with us!  We loved this pumpkin tree!

Danny Boy on the hayride - he kept saying, "I go bike ride!"

Connor was covered with hay - imagine that...Connor getting a tad wild!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Our neighbors stop for a pre-party photo shoot!

 Many hours were spent getting the basement ready - I don't think the 
picture does it justice.  It looked AWESOME!!!!!  I was pretty proud :)

This is one of the early hayrides...we were still waiting for all of our guests to arrive.  
 Later - we took a SPOOKY nighttime ride - oooooooo...SCARY!!!

My first blog.
We had our third annual Halloween party on Friday, Oct. 24! We had so much fun! In the past, the party has always been for my friends and their children.  Well this year, Connor had a few little guests of his own that he added to the invite list from school.  We had about 25 - 30 children and most of the parents stayed.  I had the party in the basement this year and it seemed to work out better - I didn't care much about spills and the decorations were terrific.  The highlight of the party was the cool hayride in the court.  My wonderful neighbor, Tonya set it up.  Her dad drove his riding mower and pulled the kids around the court - it was Tonya's idea and the kids had a ball! We played some games, ate lots of yummy food and I pretty much collapsed when the night finally came to an end.  My mom helped me a TON and I couldn't have done it without her. I love celebrating with my's my favorite thing to do :)  We are looking forward to Trick or Treating this FRIDAY!!!!