Thursday, July 30, 2009

Danny decided he wanted to wear his big boys pants on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 (it MIGHT have had to do with the ice cream bribe!).  He's done a fantastic job and I am so proud of him!   Another thing he is really working on is...NO more bahti (I know I know - he's too big...he's my kid - I'll deal!)  So a couple of weeks ago, Danny wanted his bahti in the car.  He must have asked me 457,000 times (no joke) and I told him "NO!" 457,000 times.  After the 457,000th time he said in his ADORABLE little voice..."OK, Mommy! but when we get home I'm just gonna sneak it!" He's so tricky!


What are you up to???

I said, "Danny, let me see your big boy pants!" and boy did he show me!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I think these images speak for themselves!

4th of July
Although the 4th of July was a chilly, rainy day...we still had lots of fun:)
The boys and I went to the Carmel parade with my parents and they really enjoyed it.  It was perfect b/c it wasn't too hot and the kids just sat in their little chairs and took it all in.
Later that day, we went to the Latimers for a little party - which was lots of fun.  The kids always love playing at the Latimers.  The food was yummy and there were lots of good drinks and fireworks to watch.  It was a wonderful day.  Mom was on her own this year and she decided to come over just for a glass of wine.  She helped Danny with his sparklers and I was happy that she stopped by.

Connor was a little timid at first - but then he became a pro at holding the sparklers.

Mom Mom showing Danny how it's done - she's the real pro...the 4th of July is probably her favorite holiday!


That sparkler was as big as he was!