Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Birthday
I had a great birthday!! Tig got me a new light fixture in the kitchen and cubby/lockers for the boys (previous post ~ "My New Toys").  He also filled a bucket with my favorite candy and wrote me the nicest card - and had the boys write me cards too - which I LOVE.  It was one of the nicest birthdays I can remember.  Since my birthday was on a Friday and my dad happened to be out of town...we got a sitter and went to BW's with some friends/family and saved the family party with Connor, Danny and all the kids for Saturday.  The best part was that Colleen and Doug came in town and stayed with us on Friday night!!  I also had a nice day at school - celebrating with 25 kids is the way to go :) and Kristy got me the cutest necklace along with some gift cards from my class :)

My NEW TOYS!!!!!
Thank you, Rudy, Mom&Dad and Tig :)


Danny Boy!
After watching lots and lots and lots of Connor's baseball and football games, it is FINALLY Danny's turn to be a part of the team.  He is by far the youngest, the slowest, and the most clueless...he is also by far the CUTEST! ha!


Warming up!
Go #5!  I am pretty sure the only reason he is playing is to get the jersey and the trophy.  Last week, Pop Pop O came to see his game and after pictures, and a 30 minute the time the game started, Danny lasted about 5 minutes and then cried his eyes out because "I didn't get the ball!!!!!!"  he was devastated and there was NO reasoning with him.  I snuggled him on the bench and we watched his team - well, I watched his team, Pop Pop threw the football with Con and Danny bawled his eyes out until we left!

Go DC United!!!
Look at that determined run!
UP, UP and AWAY!
We went up in the balloon at Connor Prairie - something that the boys and I have wanted to do for weeks.  We drove by it all summer and we were so excited.  The boys loved it...and Tig was fine.  I was a tad scared and held on tight!
Photo op before we went up!

The balloon is can see it from miles away!

A view of our house - can you see it??

I was glad when the balloon landed!!!
Cathedral Game @ Lucas Oil Stadium

DQ with the Lats!
Tonya was in charge of watching Connor and Danny during Colleen's wedding ceremony.  They were AWESOME - and it MIGHT have had just a little bit to do with the fact that she promised them DQ if they were on their best behavior.  Thank You, Tonya!!!
Flag Football
This picture pretty much sums up Connor's entire season! He had 10 touchdowns for the season and got more flags than we can remember.  He was a good sport, he listened to his coach and most importantly he had a fabulous time with his best buddy, Johnny (and of course Johnny's little brother, Sam, too!)  We had lots of fun watching and cheering for you, Con! Way to go!

Two thumbs up after his best game of the season!

We Love you 2x, Con!

Trophy Day
Johnny ~ Connor ~ Sam

Friday, October 16, 2009

Brown County
We went to Brown County with the Latimers the last weeken in August. We had the most fun! We are so lucky to have such wonderful neighbors and friends!  The indoor water park was awesome.  It was PERFECT for the boys :
Daddy and Danny Boy looking for racoons.


All my boys!

Danny LOVED horse back riding ~ I, on the other hand, couldn't wait for it to be over!

Now, that is what I call a slumber party!!!

And they all lived happily ever after...