Sunday, March 22, 2009


The boys and I will in Florida for Spring Break on Tig's actual birthday :( so we celebrated it the weekend before!  If I didn't have to follow my school's spring break...I never would have planned it that way - I am so sad to be gone on Tig's birthday b/c birthdays are my favorite and since he's my makes me sad! 
Happy 33rd Birthday, Tig! We love you 2X and we are sorry we will be gone on your actual birthday - we'll call you and think about you all day! - at least I will!  All I can say is...enjoy the peace and quiet and have an awesome day!
Love, Shan

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

My ALL TIME favorite student!
     Teachers are not supposed to have favorites, but when your own nephew is in your class ~ you are allowed! My nephew, Jacob, is in my class this year and I must be the luckiest aunt in the world! I love having him in my room and I will miss him so much next year!  Remember...I didn't say he was the best behaved student...I said he was my FAVORITE student :)

Jake and I at the Saint Patrick's Day Parade with the SLDM Third grade

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweet Dreams, Connor!
Getting Connor to go to sleep at night is NO small task! We struggle with it every night! He was so sure that he was going to be able to go to sleep last night with no problem IF Daddy bought him GOO - the alien from Ben Ten (his new favorite show).  Well of course at 10:30 last night he was still coming into our room - making me LOCO!  I told him to take GOO and the mini alien, put them on his nightstand and they will watch over him and protect him...but for the last time "GO TO BED AND DON'T COME OUT!!!"  About a half hour later, I went to check on him and sure enough...GOO and the mini alien were protecting my precious sleeping child! I was happy that SOMETHING I said finally made sense to him and he took my advice! 
I was able to get such a bright shot b/c of course he sleeps with the lights on - crazy kid!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Little Piggy!

Danny tends to eat more than the average amount of meals.  He eats his own, of course, and he eats Mommy's, Daddy's and anyone else's he can get his grubby little hands on!  Don't turn your back if you are eating a meal at our house! It WILL magically disappear! 

My HANDY men!
One day last week, while I was getting ready for work, the boys were unusually quiet.  They were sooooo busy "fixing" the upstairs gate!  I heard hammering and the "electric" drill and I   knew they were fine and decided to take advantage of the situation and actually get ready in peace!  I let them know how HAPPY and PROUD of them I was for "fixing" the gate.  Little did they know I was actually HAPPY and PROUD of them for letting me get ready ~ for once without breaking up 400 fights :).

Connor was NOT messing around - he meant business!

Yes - He CAN be SO SO cute!

Of course, Danny was snacking on the job and had his mouth full of Fruit Loops!  He needed some energy doing all that hard work!