Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Connor played flag football through the YMCA this fall and it was the most fun!  We all agreed it was much more exciting than t-ball.  Connor played for the Jets and he was a pretty good little player.  He scored a number of touchdowns and enjoyed "tackling" even when the play was over!!!  Danny had fun playing during the games and Tig and I looked forward to every game!  Connor had lots of fans - Mom Mom O, Pop Pop O, Aunt Janet, Aunt Colleen, Doug, Jacob and Alli... to name a few.  Pop Pop O came to the most - surprise, surprise - Pop Pop O at a sporting event!

This was the last game of the season and boy was it cold - brrrrrr! Connor is wearing Daddy's hat!  He is also wearing long john underwear, a t-shirt, sweatshirt, warm pants and his jersey!

This was trophy day - always a BIG day!

 Danny is enjoying the game from the sand pit.  Danny wore his green Power Ranger outfit to half of the games...people were used to him showing up in it - it was so funny!

Here is Danny taking a break for a little snack...he ALWAYS has time for junk food!

This is one of the first games - I love this action shot! GO CONNOR!!!


The Pickrel Family said...

So cute..those boys are something else! So am I the first to comment on your blog? I added you to my link list on our blog so I can check yours all the time! Hope you keep it updated!

Dani said...

I love kiddie sports! So funny and cute!