Sunday, March 22, 2009


The boys and I will in Florida for Spring Break on Tig's actual birthday :( so we celebrated it the weekend before!  If I didn't have to follow my school's spring break...I never would have planned it that way - I am so sad to be gone on Tig's birthday b/c birthdays are my favorite and since he's my makes me sad! 
Happy 33rd Birthday, Tig! We love you 2X and we are sorry we will be gone on your actual birthday - we'll call you and think about you all day! - at least I will!  All I can say is...enjoy the peace and quiet and have an awesome day!
Love, Shan

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Colleen and Douglas said...

I think Tig will find a way to not go into depression on his birthday. And I think WE will be playing shuffle board and riding our bikes to get ice cream!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSS! I cannot WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, HBD Tiggy. I really will miss u!