Tuesday, July 21, 2009

4th of July
Although the 4th of July was a chilly, rainy day...we still had lots of fun:)
The boys and I went to the Carmel parade with my parents and they really enjoyed it.  It was perfect b/c it wasn't too hot and the kids just sat in their little chairs and took it all in.
Later that day, we went to the Latimers for a little party - which was lots of fun.  The kids always love playing at the Latimers.  The food was yummy and there were lots of good drinks and fireworks to watch.  It was a wonderful day.  Mom was on her own this year and she decided to come over just for a glass of wine.  She helped Danny with his sparklers and I was happy that she stopped by.

Connor was a little timid at first - but then he became a pro at holding the sparklers.

Mom Mom showing Danny how it's done - she's the real pro...the 4th of July is probably her favorite holiday!


That sparkler was as big as he was!

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