Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Birthday
I had a great birthday!! Tig got me a new light fixture in the kitchen and cubby/lockers for the boys (previous post ~ "My New Toys").  He also filled a bucket with my favorite candy and wrote me the nicest card - and had the boys write me cards too - which I LOVE.  It was one of the nicest birthdays I can remember.  Since my birthday was on a Friday and my dad happened to be out of town...we got a sitter and went to BW's with some friends/family and saved the family party with Connor, Danny and all the kids for Saturday.  The best part was that Colleen and Doug came in town and stayed with us on Friday night!!  I also had a nice day at school - celebrating with 25 kids is the way to go :) and Kristy got me the cutest necklace along with some gift cards from my class :)

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Colleen and Douglas said...

Happy Birthday to the world's VERY best sister. So glad we could come home for it!!!! 2 weeks till your trip to STL!!!!!!!!! 2x