Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Connor's Junior Kindergarten Christmas Program

Connor chose to be a king for his program and he did a FABULOUS job! He was very into his performance and he sang louder than all 19 of his classmates...PUT TOGETHER! It really was a adorable and as I was video taping the show - tears were streaming down my face! I am such a wimp - but he's my baby - I CANNOT believe he is old enough to even be in a program!!! I was so proud of him.  Thank you Mom Mom for coming to the show - we hope you enjoyed it.

Such a handsome king

Thank God for the child on the end..makes Connor look like tall - HA!

An action shot!


Mommy KW said...

I went to Reese's program this morning and it was TOO cute! I bet Connor's was the same. What cute pictures!!!!!

IUgirl78 said...

Ooh! You got better pictures than me. You must have sat up closer to the front. He looks so handsome as a king!!

Dani said...

So freaking cute!