Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Boys' Rooms
Years from now I want to remember what the boys' rooms looked like when they were my little guys!  I think it will be fun to show them too!

This is where we like to display Connor's  trophies and medals.  If he is anything like his cousins - which I am SURE he is...we are going to need to invest in a larger shelf some day! I usually have his Colts Jersey hanging here too - or sometimes his Flag Football Jersey!   When I bought him the blue and gold jersey hanging there...he wore it every day for several days - it was his FAVORITE! He pretended to be on a real ream.

Aunt Colleen made Connor this car bulletin board for his 4th birthday ~ she is the MOST creative.  The Spongebob picture was made for Connor by one of my students.  In the top left corner is his shield that we made to display in his Junior Kindergarten classroom.  I see a picture of Daddy playing rugby and a picture of Nicholas in his SLDM football uniform - and of course a picture of R2D2 .  The big blue paper is Connor's famous signature - isn't it lovely???!!!

A view of Connor's room.  I know I know - a 4 year old really does NOT need a tv in his bedroom.  I blame Mom Mom O' for that one :)  She did it to HELP with bedtime and it really has helped! LITTLE STINKER!  We painted Connor's room right when we moved in - I love the colors of his's a great room.

This is a view of Danny's room.  Still so baby-ish!  The furniture was Aunt Colleen's when she was a baby and then I think all of Aunt Janet's kids used  it too!  The box on the shelf that says "BOY" was a gift from my mom when Danny was born.  There was a pretty planter and a yummy smelling candle in it too - I thought the box was SO darn cute,  I had to put it on his shelf!

Here is a wonderful view of Danny's room.  I just love his room! I know the stars and the moon will come down some day...but I love his room so much I will try to keep it this way as long as he can stand it!  The big puppy in the crib was a gift from Santa this year...Danny is a BIG doggy fan ~ just like his Daddy.  The cute circus cage was a gift from Mom Mom O for his first birthday ~ I love it!  The DANNY BOY letters are probably my favorite part of the room ~ just perfect for him!

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IUgirl78 said...

Oh my gosh, your boys' rooms are the CUTEST!!! I always wanted to copy Connor's room when we turned Ryan's nursery into a big boy room, but I thought that would be a little much since we teach together, live in the same neighborhood, etc. :) I love how you pointed out a lot of the sentimental things in the rooms. Great idea!