Friday, June 19, 2009

Connor and Daddy's new hobby!
Tig and Connor have spent hours setting up his good guys vs. bad guys in his room.  Tig is in the habit of buying figures for Connor quite often (good thing they are sorta cheap!!!).  I am beginning to think that he is picking them up for himself b/c he seems to enjoy this little game sometimes even more than Con.  It is cute to listen to them talk from down the hall and listen to Tig explain to Connor why this guy goes here or why this guy goes there.  Connor eats it up and always has questions for Daddy.  Sometimes this goes on way past when Mommy thinks Connor should be fast asleep.  But QT with Daddy is priceless!!!

These are the bad guys aiming up at the good guys!

Here is a shot behind the good guys.

Good Guys!

Here is a picture of Connor's room with his birthday decorations hanging above his bed.  The omitrexes (sp) and big picture of Goop protect my little guy while he sleeps!

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