Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A few shots during dinner!
 I couldn't eat much b/c I was so so nervous about giving a toast and talking into a microphone in front of 400 guests!  It turned out OK..I got thru it~ thru the tears and all.  I made the people laugh...and Colleen laugh AND cry...which was my goal!
(I didn't set out to make her cry...but you know what I mean!)
The Happy Couple!

My ADORABLE parents...they were in heaven! Loving every minute of it!
And they are so cute!  Mom looked SO pretty and Dad is one handsome man!

Mr. and Mrs. Stine are about the nicest people you can know.  I have enjoyed getting to know them.  Doug is his mom's little twin ~ cracks me up.  Colleen is lucky to have such wonderful in laws!  I know that they will take good care of her in St. Louis.

I love any picture of my mom with my boys!
Look how cute!!

I love you 2x

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