Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Surprise Mom Mom and Pop Pop!
We surprised Mom Mom and Pop Pop and picked them up from the airport after their NYC trip!  I was just going to get them b/c it was a 9:30 flight but since it was Mother's Day we put the boys' pj's on and made a mini fieldtrip out of it.  The boys made it fun - they loved the airport!
We missed Mom Mom and Pop Pop but we were glad they got a chance to get away! One of Mom's favorite places in the whole world is NYC and dad surprised her with a trip on her 60th birthday.  It happened to fall on Mother's Day weekend which was awesome for her...if anyone deserves a break from her kids...SHE DOES!!!!!!

Connor and Danny were fascinated with the big planes!

We were hiding from the arriving passengers from NYC - shhhhhhhh!

Silly booty shot - they BOTH had the same dorky idea - oh man!

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