Friday, May 8, 2009

May 6, 2009
Connor's 5th Birthday!!!

My big Five year old -I can't believe it!

We started off the day with cinnamon rolls - Danny and I sang Happy Birthday to Connor!

"They say it's your Birthday...It's my Birthday too, yeah!!"

I made cupcakes (with his favorite color, of course!) for Connor's Class.  Tig was able to pop in to school to sing Happy Birthday to Connor and surprise him:)

We went to pinheads after school for bowling and pizza.  Connor brought his friend, Andrew, from his class.  Aunt Co Co stopped by too :) It was LOTS of fun!!!

After his BIG, BIG day...Connor begged me to stay up "just a little bit later" I of course said,  "OK!"  to the birthday boy and not more than 10 minutes later...found him fast asleep in the bonus room.  Daddy is on the couch right next to him...PLAYING Wii!
Sweet Dreams, My Big Boy!
p.s. He also got to have a special lunch before school with Mom Mom O, Pop Pop O and Allison (the birthday girl!) at McDonald' was a jammed packed FUN day!

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