Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mother's Day Tea
I had a lovely time at the Mother's Day Tea in Connor's classroom.
There was entertainment, refreshments and beautiful pieces of art made by the children.  The teachers  also helped them fill out 
an ALL ABOUT MY MOM worksheet
~ Connor's Answers ~
My mommy is - 2o years old
Her hair  - is blond 
 Her eyes  - are brown
Her favorite color is - pink/blue
Her favorite food is - healthy food - lettuce - sloppy joe's
Her favorite thing to do is - to go here and say "hi!"
She looks the prettiest when - she goes to a wedding
I love my mommy because - she is my mommy!

Thank you, Connor - I enjoyed the Tea Party very much and I love you 2X!

What an awesome piece of Art!

My Big guy!

and his best buddies!


Colleen and Douglas said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahhahahahaha. You are 20 in Shaniqua years if I'm 12. Well maybe you're 22. And brown eyes....?!?!? Hey daddy & danny have them! But what I want to know is... how could he forget FRENCH FRIES for fave food?! this cracks me up!

The Pickrel Family said...

Oh my gosh that is so funny! Way to go Connor! 20 years old, how nice of him! I love his healthy food items, sloppy joe's and lettuce! Cracks me up! What about Diet Coke? I thought for sure he would have listed that one..unless you have cut back! Hope to see you sometime this summer!