Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Decorating Day!
Putting up the Christmas decorations is one of my favorite days of the year.  And doing it with the boys even makes it more special~I get so excited!  Connor and Danny couldn't wait to put everything up.  Each time I pulled a different decoration out of the was like Christmas morning to them.

All that works makes us HUNGRY!  Connor made mini pizzas at school on Friday and he wanted to make them at home...YUM!  He did a great job.

I'm so glad that Connor had the idea to make them at home because Danny had just as much fun!  He LOVED it.  Easy with the cheese, Danny Boy!

WOW - those look delicious :)

After Danny's nap...Connor and I were ready to make something else yummy to eat.  The boys helped me make brownies.  They were mommy's BEST helpers in the kitchen today!

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IUgirl78 said...

Wow--that is A LOT of cheese!!! (BTW, the kids always tell me that you don't like "a lot.") :)

Why didn't any brownies get brought to my house????