Thursday, November 6, 2008

Connor had a bit of homework to do last night.  He had to create a family shield.  Our name was across the top.  In one section he had to draw a family portrait - which was lovely...all family members were included and you could actually tell what the picture was.  In another section he had to include his favorite food to share with his family~so we cut a pizza coupon and pasted it on. In the last section, he had to paste a picture of a favorite past time he does with his family - swimming!!  He was very into it!!!  Look how hard he is working!

I love the tongue - This was actually his very best project!  I was so proud of him :)
I also got his report card today and had a conference with his teacher - he is doing FABULOUS and his teacher only had nice things to say about him.  She has no concerns!  Me on the other hand...that is a different story, I have plenty of concerns - only kidding - I LOVE my Stunka!
p.s. His teacher specifically commented on how loud he sings and how well behaved and very "into" prayer he is...he's my little angel (in disguise - he he he) 

Danny had to do his "homework" too.  He painted about 9 pictures and every single one of them was a MASTERPIECE!

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IUgirl78 said...

So cute!!! Reese called hers "homework," too. When Joel called she sighed and said, "Mrs. Seaman gave me so much homework." Just wait until they're in 3rd grade, right? :)