Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When I picked out this shirt for Connor to wear this morning, he thought is was so nice that he asked me if he could look "really cute" and wear a tie too.  Although I thought it was a tad ridiculous and that he would maybe wear it for a short time...I let him wear it and... he wore it to school.  It actually worked out perfectly...it somewhat hid the hideous amount of toothpaste that he got on his shirt that morning :) and might I add - He looked Damn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

My big guy!

And this is Danny...when he ISN'T getting all the attention.
He's not ALWAYS the precious angel I claim he is.

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IUgirl78 said...

Okay, I don't know which picture made me laugh more!!! Connor looked SO CUTE in his tie today. I'm sure Mrs. Seaman was impressed. :) But that picture of Danny was too funny b/c I've never seen him make that look!