Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I took the boys to see a movie on Saturday.  It was Danny's first official movie and I THOUGHT he'd be OK.  He did really well for about the first 15 minutes - you know - long enough to get settled and watch all 15 previews.  About two minutes into the movie (Return to Madagascar) he decided to drive mommy CRAZY.  No more movies for my little Danny Boy!!  Connor did pretty well but he still has a hard time sitting through an entire movie.  Both of the boys got the kids meal and they were both in heaven.  Give them a soda and it might as well be Christmas morning!

This is Danny enjoying his healthy lunch!  He LOVED the big screen - AT FIRST!

Danny chose to pose in front of the "BIG PUPPY!"
it's so him - sweet and cuddly  - and...

Connor chose to pose in front of the scary monster - which is SO him!
I won't elaborate! - HA!


Mommy KW said...

Shannon- is Danny praying in that first picture? It's SO cute! I love both pictures of the boys in front of the movie ads. Your commentary is hilarious- as always! You are so funny, and your boys are adorable!!

IUgirl78 said...

Ha! I had to go back and double-check. Kelly's right--it totally looks like he's praying. What a good Catholic boy. :) We've only done one movie with Ryan--and it was one of those free shows b/c I didn't want to pay full price if we had to leave. I love the pictures in front of the movie signs!